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In the southeast edge of the Community there is a hideout which is located in Michalakis Eleftheriou’s house. This hideout was built in that particular house due to the trust the guerillas had in the owners and also because of its location which allowed easy access and supply. In fact, it was the last house of the Community and there was no road nearby*.

The hideout was built in a secret room with a double wall and its entrance was hidden behind a clay jar. The construction of the hideout was undertaken by people of EOKA. More information on the way the Hideout was constructed can be found in the following extract retrieved from Mpataria’s autobiography:    

“First we sealed the door connecting the inner part of the house to the main room so that it would look like a wall and this work required skills and craftsmanship. Second, there was small cupboard on the wall which separated the main part of the house to the inner part. The cupboard had a structure with wooden shelves where sweets and other foodstuff used to be placed. We tried, without leaving any trace, to convert this cupboard into a wonderful secret entrance to the hideout, which consisted of the inner part of the house and we used a needle to secure it” (p.129-130).

This hideout provided shelter for the community’s guerilla team headed by Michalakis Eleftheriou, the EOKA second in command Grigoris Afxentiou, as well as several other guerillas who passed by the Community. 

Finally, what is worth mentioning is that the house was recently restored and the cost was covered by the EOKA Historic Memory Council and the community.


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